STelligence Company Limited is a Powered Reseller and Professional Service Provider for Operational Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Network&Security Intelligence, Data Analytic, Big Data and Telco Solutions. STelligence have pioneered IT Data & Mobile Data Analytic in Thailand. We have highly skill staffs and expertise in IT business more than 10 years. With our expertise, we can deliver Best Integrated Solution for increasing uptime, fasten ROI, maximize Value and Opportunity for IT and Business. Also, we have developed new business models with  profit sharing plans with our partners, and our customers.


Our Certificates

New Entrepreneurs Creation by CU 2554 (Top 5 Business Plan)
Alcatel Certificate Switch Expert (Highest Certificate)
Alcatel Certificate Switch Professional
F5 System Engineer Certificate (Highest Certificate)
F5 Product Consultant
Bluecoat Certified Proxy Professional (Highest Certificate)
Juniper Network Certificate Internet Specialist (M/T Series)
Juniper Network Certificate Internet Associate (Enterprise)
ITILv3 Foundation Examination
RedHat Certified System Administrator
RedHat Certified Technician
Splunk Architect Certificate LAB (Highest Certificate)
Splunk Certified Deployment Architect
Splunk Certified Developer
Splunk Using Enterprise Security 2.0
CISCO Certified Network Associate