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We are operational intelligence, IT infrastructure monitoring, 
and Big Data analytics company.

10th Aniversay STelligence

STelligence was established in 2013. During the first year, we started as the first commercial data analytics solution in Thailand that focuses on Non IT Users who can be data analysts themselves. Subsequently, it has continued to grow with experience working with many leading Thai companies. Developing the potential of the team with the main goal of using our experience and technology to help people and organizations achieve more.

We areoperational intelligent,
Data Analytics and Digital Transformation Company

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Our Solution

We are an Operational Intelligence, IT Monitoring and Big Data Analytics Company, Deliver World-class Solutions to Enhance IT Operation Efficiency, End-to-End Visibility, Real-Time Actionable Business Insight and Competitiveness for our customers.

Data Analytics

Connecting data within your business into a central database, including the creation of automated decision-making processes

Cyber Security

Integrating data from various existing business security systems to establish proactive cybersecurity measures for your business, ensuring data security and enhancing your business reputation.


Connecting processes and operations through Automation practices to reduce repetitive tasks, aid in minimizing errors, and lower operational costs, elevating efficiency to a higher level.


Let's connect the dots and transform your processes together. At STelligence, we're your bridge to a more efficient future.

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