Get to Know the Automated Design Assistant with FortressIQ from Automation Anywhere

Get Acquainted with the Automatic Workflow Assistant with #FortressIQ from Automation Anywhere, which will ensure smooth and seamless workflow operations for you. Coupled with the potential for full-scale operations, it’s well-known that solutions from #AutomationAnywhere operate automatically, significantly reducing time and effort. FortressIQ operates in the same manner.

FortressIQ Academy

serves as a catalyst to swiftly expose both your team and yourself to the value of the FortressIQ Process Intelligence platform. Whether you’re a global organizational leader or simply trying to unlock process mechanics, FortressIQ Academy provides the essential skills to decode tasks across the entire organization, ensuring endless learning opportunities.

Get started with straightforward guidance.

Those embarking on FortressIQ Academy will undergo real-world training experiences, learning everything from software features to intelligent practices and much more. Dive into hands-on activities with instructors, videos, and private lab rooms. The curriculum spans from basics to advanced levels, enabling direct utilization of both sandbox environments and project creation.

Getting Started

For those who are new to process mining, the topics covered will include:

  • Overview of process mining
  • Technology workings
  • FortressiQ interface
  • Data aggregation and reporting


For those seeking to delve deeper into stable process data usage, the topics will comprise basic information along with:

  • FortressIQ agents
  • Process mining security
  • Discovery and data extraction
  • Process Design Document (PDD) creation

Advanced Level

For operators and system administrators aiming to add value through intelligent processes, the topics will include:

  • Event exploration
  • Advanced data mining tips and tricks
  • Advanced-level PDD
  • Process intelligence enhancement
  • New version rollout
  • Business analysis using the FIQ platform

FortressIQ Academy offers both online and onsite training.

  • Online Format For FortressIQ customers and partners, self-paced learning is available online, with courses designed to accelerate skill development on the FortressIQ platform.
  • Instructor-led Format Each FortressIQ Academy instructor can accommodate up to 5 participants, offering off-site one-day training sessions. With a maximum of 5 participants per session, the environment remains conducive to comprehensive learning without overcrowding.