Success Stories

Solution: AI

In the world of business, cash flow management is a critical aspect of management. With today’s ease of international trade and transactions, managing cash flow has become increasingly challenging. This complexity arises from various factors, including fluctuating exchange rates and the differences in public holidays across countries, which add layers of difficulty to cash flow management. To address this issue, our company has incorporated AI technology. This technology learns from these risk factors through a sophisticated model, making predictions that enable CFOs and relevant personnel to manage cash flow more efficiently and accurately.

30%+ more accurate
Increased from existing

Industry: Manufacturing

Solution: AI
It is undeniable that the seasons and rainfall significantly impact agriculture, a vital sector for Thailand. To tackle the challenge of water resource management and ensure sufficient water for cultivation at different times, our company has employed Machine Learning technology, a branch of AI currently attracting considerable interest. This technology is used for predicting rainfall, enabling entrepreneurs and farmers to prepare for various scenarios, including periods when the amount of stored water may not be adequate for cultivation.

20%+ more accurate
Increased from existing

Industry: Public Organization

Solution: AI & RPA
Managing and searching for data from gemstone assessments can be challenging due to the data being dispersed across File Servers. Additionally, the team of analysts responsible for examining the results of gemstone tests from various devices must inspect over 400 items per day. This requires high-accuracy analysis to verify the origin and authenticity of the gemstones.

Reduced time compare pattern of multiple factors and history data

Solution: RPA

At Stelligence, we have successfully implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to streamline operations in the financial sector. We have employed RPA to assist in downloading data in both text and image formats and in reconciling, a critical process in finance and banking. Additionally, RPA is configured to automatically stamp digital sign-offs and dispatch summary documents to customers. This innovation not only dramatically reduces the processing time by more than 80% but also significantly minimizes errors in these procedures.

More than 80% Reduced time
2-3 hours to 30 minutes / 12 Files

Decreased Human Error​

Compare Tank inventory

Solution: RPA

In the energy sector, managing resource stocks is a task that requires precision and speed. Our company has revolutionized this process by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. This innovation automates the collection of data from sensors and various systems, including ATG, Open LIMS, and SAP, for resource stock reporting. RPA facilitates the automation of data retrieval, enabling the swift generation of reports and notifications about resource quantities in just 15 minutes. This includes alerts for when quantities exceed predetermined limits. The adoption of RPA not only eliminates monotonous tasks but also significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of resource stock management. Consequently, this leads to efficient improvements in our operations, streamlining workflows and ensuring timely decision-making.

90% Reduced time
12 hours to 15 minutes a day

100% Error detection
Reduce manual tracking error

GPS Tracking Automate Transportation Cost

Solution: RPA
The adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology in managing the employee transportation system, which utilizes more than 20 vans and operates over 100 trips per day, has facilitated the automation of processes and significantly reduced errors associated with manual handling. The use of RPA enables quick and accurate data entry and cost calculation. Additionally, it assists the company in analyzing large volumes of data with ease, leading to the continuous improvement and development of the transportation plan. This, in turn, enhances efficiency and upgrades services further. Moreover, RPA has reduced the time involved in operational processes by more than 90%, streamlining the management of the transportation system and contributing to overall operational excellence.

Almost 90% Reduced time
10 hours to 55 minutes a day

Decreased Human Error​

Industry: Governance Agency

Solution: RPA
The shift towards using email for document distribution has become increasingly favored in recent times, attributed to its speed and the diminished risk of document damage. In this context, we have leveraged these advantages by transitioning the distribution of payment notification letters and tax withholding certificates from traditional mailing to electronic transmission. By deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this entity has automated the retrieval of documents from certain systems and data from Excel files, facilitating rapid email dissemination to healthcare facilities. The integration of RPA technology has markedly reduced the workload and optimized the payment processing workflow, slashing the time required for these processes by up to 98% and enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

98% Reduced time​
255 hours to less than 3 hours a month