Introducing our new technology leader, Saruj Thipsena, who will elevate all solutions through AI Transformation

STelligence Limited, an IT services provider specializing in Digital Transformation and a pioneer in offering data analytics platforms, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Saruj Thipsena as the Company’s Executive Directors and Chief Technology Officer. He will lead the technology division of STelligence Limited with a strong commitment to advancing the company’s mission of “Connected Intelligence”. Under his leadership, the company will fully embrace AI Transformation across all solutions to propel businesses into the future.
Mr. Saruj Thipsena, Chief Technology Officer of STelligence and former Deputy Managing Director, Enterprise Solution, Microsoft (Thailand) revealed his enthusiasm for joining the STelligence’s team. He expressed his delight in being a part of the company and its mission. “I am thrilled to be part of the STelligence’s team and contribute to this endeavor. I see the opportunity to drive transformation and growth for the Thai organization alongside the increasingly critical role of AI Transformation in today’s world. STelligence is expertise and with over a decade of experience in Data Analytics, RPA Automation, and Cybersecurity, is well-prepared to enhance various solutions with AI, further strengthening our capabilities to better serve our customers. This includes tailoring and customizing solutions to meet customer needs more accurately and promptly.
With Mr. Saruj Thipsena’s pivotal role in pioneering Cloud Computing technology and his propregation of ideas related to
Zero Trust security and Generative AI, he has provided knowledge to customers, partners, Microsoft technology community, and the wider public. His contributions have enabled him to recognize new opportunities and challenges in joining STelliegence.
“In today’s business world, data is abundant, making effective data management is the key to unlocking AI’s full potential. That’s why we emphasize the concept of ‘Connected Intelligence’, which involves linking diverse knowledge bases together to enhance AI capabilities further. Traditional data repositories often have limitations in establishing complex relationships within Big data. Therefore, managing big data with ‘Connected Intelligence’ lays a solid foundation for highly efficient AI and fosters greater and more sustainable transformation.”
“However, the challenge in the workplace revolves around speed, given the rapid transformations in AI technology. This necessitates readiness for adaptation within the Thai market, coupled with the development of skills within organizations to keep pace with these changes, all within the constraints of language. All these factors are integral components of STelligence’s solutions, which we must overcome,” Mr. Saruj stated.
With 20 years of experience in the technology industry, both domestically and internationally, Mr. Saruj has garnered recognition as an expert in the technology industry. As the Chief Technology Officer of STelligence, he assumes responsibility for overseeing strategic management, personnel development, and the adaptation of AI solutions to suit the diverse organizational environments.
“My role here, beyond managing the development of various solutions for our clients, is a coach, providing guidance to create lasting transformations. I am dedicated to sharing my experiences and diverse knowledge with our nearly 100-member team at STelligence, pushing them to achieve their full potential. I believe that Thailand has never been short of talented young, but we need to provide them with opportunities, various lessons, and international best practices essential for successful work. This will enable us to deliver high-quality technology to our customers and make STelligence the go-to place for anyone aiming to drive changes in the world of AI,” concluded Mr. Saruj.