ST Meetup Evolving with Graph Technology: Unlocking Data's Potential

The ST Meetup Evolving with Graph Technology: Unlocking Data’s Potential event has concluded on Tuesday, November 21. The event featured seminars sharing knowledge and experiences on the use of Graph Database, with esteemed speakers from leading tech companies both locally and internationally, including Agoda, Neo4j, and Gemini.

The event kicked off with insights into the future of AI technology from Stelligence CEO and CTO, discussing perspectives on the future of AI technology. Participants gained insights into strategic directions and goals of the executive team, as well as their critical roles. The seminar included theoretical concepts and practical applications from Azure OpenAI.

Furthermore, the event showcased Neo4j’s graph solutions, sharing theoretical insights into Graph Technology and organizing large datasets into graph formats, showcasing various connections from the original dataset. This allows for the application of insights into each organization’s operations, integrated with AI perspectives, encompassing managerial visions to practical AI applications in organizations, considering AI ethics.

Finally, Stelligence would like to thank all participants for being part of our tech community. Everyone can follow Stelligence’s news and event information through our channels:

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