Our Leader

Narongthat Thanyawet
Automation Manager and Acting AI & Analytics Manager 

Meet Dr. Narongthat Thanyawet, our Automation Manager and AI & Analytics Manager. ​

With a Ph.D. from Osaka and advanced degrees from Kyoto and Chulalongkorn Universities, he is a skilled leader with expertise in RPA, Software Development, MLOps, Computer Vision, Generative AI, and more. His academic journey includes a specialization in Information Systems Engineering at Osaka University, focusing on his dissertation: “Text-Scene Fusion for Enhanced Detection and Multi-Dimensional Clustering of Anomalous Environmental Scenes.” ​

Dr. Thanyawet is a cornerstone of our team, blending academic excellence with technical prowess, committed to advancing an AI-first and Cloud-first future.​

Nadcharin Silaphung
Data Platform Manager

Nadcharin Silaphung, a seasoned Data Platform Lead, demonstrates strong leadership and expertise in analytics, manufacturing, shipping, and logistics across Thailand and the Asia Pacific. His proficiency in Cloud Analytics, particularly in Azure and GCP, positions organizations for scalable digital growth.​

Nadcharin’s mastery in Data Engineering, Machine Learning, MLOps, and Graph Technology is grounded in real-world experiences across diverse sectors in the Asia Pacific. Absorbing corporate culture at leading entities like Accenture, he brings a unique blend of skills to STelligence. His versatility in designing robust data pipelines and leveraging Cloud-based Analytics, combined with a deep understanding of market needs, makes him a go-to expert for integrated data solutions. Nadcharin’s role at STelligence involves driving data-centric innovations with precision and efficiency.​