Splunk Certificate Monitoring for FSI

The Stelligence-developed Splunk app is a powerful solution for certificate monitoring, designed to save time and effort for administrators. With its ready-to-use functionality, administrators can quickly implement the app without the need for custom development. The intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of certificate statuses, expiration timelines, and summary statistics. The app’s alert function proactively notifies administrators before certificates expire, ensuring timely renewal and preventing service disruptions. Overall, the app streamlines certificate monitoring, enhances security, and simplifies administrative workflows, making it an indispensable tool for server administrators.

Built by STelligence


The Stelligence-developed Splunk app is a ready-to-use solution that eliminates the need for administrators to develop a certificate monitoring system from scratch. This app comes pre-packaged with all the necessary functionality and features, allowing administrators to quickly implement certificate monitoring in their server environments.

By providing a comprehensive dashboard and intuitive user interface, the app simplifies the setup process, eliminating the need for extensive development or configuration. Administrators can easily install the app, connect it to their Splunk instance, and start monitoring certificates immediately.

This out-of-the-box readiness significantly reduces the time and effort required to implement a certificate monitoring solution. Administrators can leverage the app’s pre-built functionality and configurations, avoiding the complexities and potential pitfalls of developing a monitoring system from the ground up.

Furthermore, the app’s ready-to-use nature ensures that administrators can benefit from its features without delay. They can instantly gain visibility into certificate statuses, receive alerts, and track expiration timelines, all without investing significant time and resources into custom development.

In summary, the Stelligence Splunk app offers the convenience and efficiency of a ready-to-use solution. Administrators can deploy it quickly, saving time and effort, while enjoying the full range of features and benefits it provides for certificate monitoring in their server environments.


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